Analog Phone

Easy-to-use handsets that work with your existing analog infrastructure, helping to reduce capital expenditure. These phones work seamlessly with the iPECS unified communications platform.

Digital Phone

Tried-and-trusted digital phones, with exceptional voice quality and a clean, simple user interface. The perfect add-on for businesses with existing digital infrastructure.

X3S/X3SP New Enterprise IP Phone

Featuring a 2.4-inch color LCD and newly added function keys, Fanvil X3S/X3SP new version aims to provide a more productive operation method for business. Improved HD audio, more SIP lines and supported EHS headset also make Fanvil X3S/X3SP an efficient business tool in office.


EHSA (Electronic Hook Switch Adaptor)

The EHSA is a module that enables users to answer and end calls when away from their desk terminals. The EHSA use a set of cables that connects between the users’ headset base and desk terminal. The EHSA is integrated in the foot stand of the terminal.


The Ericsson-LG range of LDP-9200 series digital terminals provides a wide range of features to support the business needs for effective daily communications.

GDC-500H DECT Handset

GDC-500H is a wireless handset that employs DECT technology to provide local in-building mobility. Wireless Radio Frequencies (RF) signals are exchanged between the handset and base stations (GDC-400B / 600B/GDC-600BE). Multiple base stations connect to the Wireless Management Interface (WMI) in your system. The WMI links the connected base stations forming a larger Base or Zone. Within this zone, transparent handover of active communications between base stations in the zone is supported.

Aria Technologies Africa
Aria AP-3000D Analogue Cordless Telephone

The AP-3000D analogue DECT cordless telephone provides customers with a cost effective wireless analogue handset. The AP-3000D is used where there is a requirement for an entry-level cordless DECT handset and scenarios where the user require mobility. The AP-3000D can be used as a standalone device connected to an analogue exchange line, or the unit can be connected to the analogue telephone extension port of a PBX voice solution.

DECT Phone W52P

Is a SIP Cordless Phone System designed specifically for small businesses and SOHO operations in the market for cost-saving, scalable SIP-based mobile communication systems. The epitome of everything we’ve learned over the past decade about designing extremely powerful yet delicate business IP phones, W52P carries forward Yealink’s eternal pursuit of cutting-edge VoIP technology, featuring supreme quality under the strictest testing and the highest level of operation simplicity. Yealink W52P won’t just fulfill all your cordless phone needs, it’ll make everyday calling an outright pleasant, engaging experience.

W53P Wireless DECT Phone

A reliable and cost-effective choice for customers who are looking for a mid-level DECT IP phone for their moderate-to-active on-the-move communications.

C600 Android Video IP phone

Equipped with 720P HD Video Configuration,supports Three Parties Video Conference. Equipped with the Best Hardware, IP Video PhoneQuad Cores CPU, 1GHz, 1Gb Ram, 4Gb Flash.

IP Phone

A comprehensive range of IP phones, from entry level to premium models. Enjoy best-in-class HD audio, full features and HD video on the top-end handsets.


The Ericsson-LG IP-9800 series standard SIP terminals incorporate the latest in VoIP technology and enhanced user interface to provide the user with a simple to use, productive communications tool. The IP-9800 supports the open SIP protocol to allow for the configuration of these terminals on 3rd party SIP platforms. The IP-9800 series terminals are Broadsoft R.21 compatible and supports Broadsoft DMS (Device Management System).


The LIP-9048 DSS is a proprietary DSS unit to complement the existing range of LIP-9012DSS, LIP-9024DSS and LIP-9024LSS consoles.


The LDP-9248DSS is the largest DSS console for the LDP-9200 range terminals and is only compatible with the LDP-9224D, LDP-9224DF and LDP-9240D terminals